Welcome to Unlock the Music Concert Making

Coventry’s unique performing ensemble

Providing performance experience for musical learners

Formed in 2012, UMCM is a Coventry based charitable trust that organizes concerts for musical and artistic learners. We give our members opportunities to perform as soloists and in small ensembles, including alongside more experienced musicians and professionals.

Our family friendly programme, from classical concerts to cabaret, is educative and fun. A typical UMCM concert is a blend of music, dance and words. A wide range of music is covered: medieval, classical, musical theatre, folk, contemporary, and original music. Being part of one of our events is to experience the diversity of the musical and artistic world.

Our expanding collective of singers, dancers, flautists, pianists, guitarists, writers, actors and choirs all contribute to our performing community.

Bechstein piano project

Our current major project is to help to raise £15,000 for the restoration of an 1878 Bechstein grand piano in St John the Baptist Church, Fleet Street, Coventry. UMCM continue to create events and to help to lead the appeal, and we plan a major celebration when the restoration is complete. A playable piano of that vintage will be an exciting addition to Coventry’s heritage.

See our Bechstein Piano Appeal page for more information.