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How you can support UMCM

UMCM appreciates assistance or donations whether large or small. If you are able to give some of your time and skills, we particularly need someone to help us with applying for grant funding and donations both for UMCM and for the projects we support, someone to manage and grow our social networking presence, a crafts person to help with costume, props and scenery, and a piano accompanist.

Other less time consuming ways in which you can help us include arranging and publicising events, internal fundraising, marketing, networking, and at performances, on the door, in the kitchen, and in setup and takedown.

We are also very grateful for any donations you can give. Even £1 makes a difference. Depending on the event, our costs can include venue hire, printing of programmes, costume and props, and payment of the professional fees or expenses of a guest concert pianist or opera singer.

If you would like to know more please talk to us at one of our events or use our contact form.