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Our regular UMCM performers

Lizzie Perring

Lizzie performer picture

Lizzie is a singing teacher who performs in three musical groups. After eighteen years in Special Educational Needs, she set up her singing teaching business Unlock the Music, holding pupil concerts and inviting musical friends to participate. These formed the basis for UMCM.

Elizabeth Marsh

Elizabeth at Charterhousee

Elizabeth has been playing the flute for over 15 years and took Grade 8 in 2012. She plays locally with the Heart of England Co-operative Concert Orchestra, Warwick Orchestral Winds and Oriflamme Ensemble.

Patsy Clarke

Patsy studies singing with Lizzie. She is developing a formidable repertoire, including arias, English Song, comedic music hall songs and unaccompanied folk songs, and enjoys storytelling and acting. She is an accomplished craftswoman and makes all her own props.

Darrell Springer


Darrell studied Physical Theatre at the University of Sussex. He has a unique ability to collaborate with musicians and writers, and has created some stunning performance pieces. Darrell specialises in physical theatre, salsa and street dance, and runs his own dance company.

Chris Old

Chris Old at Treehouse

Chris went to school mainly in Khartoum, Sudan (junction of Blue and White Niles). He acts with Criterion and Belgrade and is retired from 30+ years in computing. Chris has contributed original and classic monologues and poetry and is a member of morris dancing side Coventry Morris.

Chris Linney

Chris Linney at Charterhouse

Chris has recently taken up singing after a 12 year break. He enjoys taking on new and old pieces with a beautiful tenor voice and a particular love of doing unexpected and challenging songs.

Danielle Phillips

Danielle Earth concert

Paul Wilby

Paul at St John's

Mary Dunn

Mary at St Johns

Adam Hibberd

Bernadette Norman

Kate Gregson

Simon White

Sanjana Ramabhadran

Sanjiv Ramabhadran

Steve Marlow


Steve has enjoyed various musical activities over the years, but early retirement in 2016 has allowed for increased focus. Steve started playing saxophone in 2011 which is now his main instrument, had two orchestral compositions professionally recorded in 2016 and began singing lessons late in 2017.

Andy Jones


Andy enjoys group singing and directs and sings with a cappella singing groups Zenith Harmony, the Medieval Boyz and Côr Cymraeg Coventry. He has achieved Grade 8 in singing and Associate Diploma in Piano. Andy enjoys playing and singing at folk clubs in the area.

Jackie O’Nions

Behind the scenes staff

Martin Griffiths


Martin set up UMCM charitable trust and is currently supporting UMCM as treasurer. Martin has worked hard at fundraising and applying for grants on behalf of UMCM, including our project of restoring the Bechstein piano at St John the Baptist Church.