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Past Events – 2014

Songs of Life

We held this concert at Earlsdon Methodist Church in June, with songs and piano music by Haydn, Schubert, Bach, Khachturian, Vaughan Williams and Stephen Sondheim, the UMCM Singers performing excerpts from Vivaldi’s “Gloria”, and recorder player Sarah Merrick-Spall.

Candlelit Baroque Concert

UMCM’s autumn 2014 concerts were concluded in November concert of Baroque music for keyboard, voice and recorder, illuminated by candlelight alone. The concert featured the internationally renowned concert pianists Darren Leaper and Cecilia Xi and professional recorder player Sarah Merrick-Spall.

Mothers and Daughters

Our first concert at the Precious Blood and All Souls Church, Hearsall Common was held in July. We included Iain Laks’ Ya Sabiryachka, a piano composition dedicated to a great-grandmother and performed by the composer himself.

Amongst UMCM’s ranks are a number of mothers who support their daughters’ learning in all sorts of practical ways, not forgetting just being there to help them to practise effectively. Of course we don’t underestimate the great support of everyone who helps somebody on their musical journey, but tonight we honoured this commitment of our Mothers and Daughters in this event.

Scintillating Cabaret

In partnership with Treehouse Bookshop, in October UMCM presented an evening of musical hall songs and melodrama with a jazzy feel.